Raith na Senad & Duma na nGiall - Rath of Synods & Mound of Hostages : Duma na nGiall

It was found that the mound had been surrounded by a ring of fire pits and other fires had been lit on the mound.  Charcoal samples revealed ash, pine, gorse, hawthorn, holly, elm, alder, hazel, oak, pear and elder.  Excavation discovered that a wooden palisade enclosure underlies this passage grave dating from the early Neolithic.  The way in to the chamber faces eastwards with a decorated stone just inside the entrance on the left side.  Many artefacts have been excavated here, and burials from the mound date from when it was built to the Bronze Age.

This place helps in recalling the legendary Ard Ri, Niall of the Nine Hostages.  It was the practice for Kings to hold important members of tribes in order to maintain their allegiance.  Niall kept hostages from all the provinces of Ireland and some from Britain, making him pretty powerful.


Following restoration work the front of the mound was altered in 2013

mound of host2013


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