Raith na Senad & Duma na nGiall - Rath of Synods & Mound of Hostages

A geophysical survey revealed a large circle of over 300 huge posts, probably oak, beneath Raith na Senad and the church.

Three visible banks and one other.  These are difficult to identify following the ‘excavation’ by British Israelites. In the early 1900's they were searching of the Arc of the Covenant.

Roman artefacts have been found here and the area appears to have been in great use between from 100AD to 300AD. It is the reputed site of Synods held by St. Patrick and succeeding Church leaders.  The Metrical Dindshenchas mention ‘The Synod of Patrick was at the noble Rath, The Synod of Brendan and of Ruadan, The Synod of Adamnan thereafter, assembled to curse Irgalach.’


rath of synods2




Duma na nGiall

Duma na nGiall

It was found that the mound had been surrounded by a ring of fire pits and other fires had been lit on the mound.   Charcoal samples revealed ash,...

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