Garran na Coille - Western Woodlands : Fairy Tree

Fairy Tree April 2013 - thanks to Marta for first 2 photos
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  fairy tree  first buds of fairy tree

A cluster of leaves fallen from an ancient oak in Ireland rest on the fairy tree on Tara

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The 'Good People's' Music.--'As sure as you are sitting down I heard the pipes there in that wood (pointing to a wood on the north-west slope of the Hill, and west of the banquet hall). I heard the music another time on a hot summer evening at the Rath of Ringlestown, in a field where all the grass had been burned off; and I often heard it in the wood of Tara. Whenever the good people play, you hear their music all through the field as plain as can be; and it is the grandest kind of music. It may last half the night, but once day comes, it ends.'

from The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W. Y. Evans-Wentz  1911

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My name is Crann


  I Am Alive

Around my roots, sticking to my finest hairs,

Clings earth.

Through my trunk, sucking upwards in my pith,

Flows water.

On my leaves, touching my chlorophyll cells,

Shines fire.

Tickling my body, laughing and teasing,

Plays air.


I lovingly hold you in an embrace,

 Out of time and out of place.
 Where smiles of joy walk hand in hand
 With love and laughter of the land.
 Together we share life’s mystery
 Of dimensionless tales of history,
Where forever we exist in eternity.

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