Photographs and words celebrating the beautiful trees and landscape of Hill of Tara, Ireland

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The Hill at first appears as plain grass pasture but explore and more is soon revealed!

Banqueting Hall Rath Grainne Sloping Trenches
 banquetinghallsnow  grainne17mar  cloenfherta
Western Woodland Fairy Tree Rath of the Synods
 e0007  1 fairy tree  towards church
Mound of the Hostages Rath na Ri Forradh & Teach Cormac
 23012011  i0002  h000350
Rath Leoghaire Central hillside St. Patrick's Churchyard
 eastern hedge  f0002  tara church from path


Am Talamh

 am talamh

Soul Space & Soul Time

Thoughts and words, as well as deeds, have energy.
As we give and receive through reading we physically feel the impact of words.
This energy will flow between each of us and from us to the land in a continuous loop.

The consequences of aligning our attention with the land can be subtle and profound. The sacred earth is our outer perception of our inner sanctity. Through physical experience and study of the land we come to a deep connection with our own inner, yet cosmic, reality. One of the many ways for our soul to learn about itself is to connect with a place. And it is not only to see that place but to feel it with your heart. That is why this is not primarily a picture book. It is a book of experiences. If you wish to enjoy the visual beauty of the places mentioned they are all easily sourced through the internet and publications. In this book we move beyond the experience of the land through the five senses and access its spirit and soul, and in doing so our own spirits and souls. Just as we cannot see the air and yet we know it is there because we breathe it, so it is with much of our life on earth. We cannot sense it all but we know 'intuitively' the divine is present.

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English connection - Bakewell Tree Trail

Celebrating the Trees in the market town of Bakewell, Derbyshire, in the Peak District National Park